8th International Web Archiving Workshop Aaarhus, Denmark, 18th & 19th September 2008

Main international event in this domain since 2001, IWAW took place in conjunction with ECDL 2008. See the original call for papers and the detailed agenda.
The 2 days program was structured around 5 sessions (access, new models and issues, liwa research, use cases and curators practices). Day one did present research and new insight where second day did addressed collections and selection issues in web archiving.

Day 1


Using Page Histories for Improving Browsing the Web
Adam Jatowt, Yukiko Kawai, Katsumi Tanaka (paper, presentation)

Fast Browsing of Archived Web Contents
Sangchul Song, Joseph JaJa (paper, presentation)

New models and new issues in Web Archiving

Ethical Issues in Web Archive Creation and Usage – Towards a Research Agenda
Andreas Rauber, Max Kaiser, Bernhard Wachter (paper, presentation)

Web continuity matters
Amanda Spencer, TNA (presentation)

LiWA Research

Web Spam: a Survey with Vision for the Archivist
Andras Benczur, David Siklosi, Jacint Szabo, Istvan Biro, Zsolt Fekete, Miklos Kurucz, Attila Pereszlenyi, Simon Racz, Adrienn Szabo (paper, presentation)

Terminology Evolution in Web Archiving: Open Issues
Nina Tahmasebi, Tereza Iofciu, Thomas Risse, Claudia Niederée, Wolf Siberski (paper,presentation)

Liwa Architecture
Radu Pop, Wolf Siberski, Mark Williamson (presentation)

"Catch me if you can”. Temporal Coherence of Web Archives
Marc Spaniol (presentation)

The Challenge of Dynamic Links
Marc Williamson (presentation)

Day 2

Case Studies

Legal deposit of the French Web: harvesting strategies for a national domain
France Lasfargues, Clément Oury, Bert Wendland (paper,presentation)

Identification and Archiving of the Czech Web Outside the National Domain
Ivan Vlcek (paper, presentation)

Introducing the Portuguese web archive initiative
Daniel Gomes, André Nogueira, João Miranda, Miguel Costa (paper)

Developing National Taiwan University Web Archiving System
Kuang-hua Chen, Yen-liang Chen, Peng-fung Ting (paper)

Web Archiving in Practice
(organized by Ditte Laursen and Grethe Jacobsen)

Web Curator Tool
Philip Beresford, Ravish Mistry (presentation)

Web Archiving towards Web Archives via Web Annotation and Monitoring
Paul Wu Horng Jyh

A case study for harvesting e-diaries: report from BnF
France Lasfargues (presentation)

Snapshot harvesting of Denmark's part of the Internet
Karen Høegsberg and Jon Eiriksson

Harvesting the Danish Internet: Workflow of selective harvesting
Ditte Laursen

Workshop officials


Julien Masanès (European Archive / e-mail : julien AT iwaw.net)
Andreas Rauber (
Vienna University of Technology , Austria)

Program Committee:

Bjarne Andersen (netarkivet.dk, Denmark)

Martha Anderson (
Library of Congress, USA)

Sara Aubry (
Bibliothèque nationale de France, France)

Andreas Aschenbrenner (
SUB Goettingen , Germany)

Svein Arne Brygfjeld (
National Library, Norway)

John Kunze (California Digital Library , USA)

Dieter Merkl (Vienna University of Technology , Austria)

Mark Middleton (Hanzo Archives , UK)

Gordon Mohr (Internet Archive , USA)

Kjetil Norvag (
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

Philippe Rigaux (Université Paris Dauphine , France)

Steven M. Schneider (SUNY Institute of Technology , USA)